Friday, April 24, 2015

What's That?

Looks like a blob of paint, doesn't it?  Bright blue paint.

It is actually a seed.

A seed for a tropical plant, Bird of Paradise.

Are the colors of nature sometimes nothing but absolutely astounding?

I wonder if it will actually grow into a full grown plant.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Pain in the Butt

Believe me, I know that at my age I am fortunate to be mostly healthy,  to have my real teeth and my real joints and very little pain associated with body parts in general.  I should be more grateful.  Instead, a little ache, a little pain, and I am off and ranting--cursing the gods who feel the need to punish me in this way.

I was sleeping peacefully on Saturday night when I was most rudely awakened  by sudden pain.  I was thought someone had broken into the house and was administering electrical shock to my left buttock. Zap! OW! Zap! OW! ZAP! OW!  And so it went throughout the night.  I was grumpy in the morning,  Very grumpy.

I have heard about sciatica nerve pain.  I googled it.  The pain was pretty targeted, not coming from my back, not shooting down the thigh.  But definitely there.

I was going to skip yoga, but yoga was mentioned as one of the treatments.  My yoga teacher mentioned periformis syndrome and gave me some modifications to the usual routine.  I felt a lot better afterwards.  I was really glad I didn't skip the class.

Inflammation of this muscle can irritate the sciatic nerve.  It is sometimes called pseudosciatica and sometimes referred to as wallet sciatica.  If I carried a wallet in my left back pocket, that would be a perfect description.

So today I took another bike ride and figured out what irritated that muscle in the first place.  Ice helps.

No Title

I took this picture because I am going to practice painting this lily. (will keep practicing)

The pineapple palm does double duty by hosting a variety of ferns and other fauna that we don't need to mention.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Scrap Projects

No one has ever accused me of being a horder, but I do have a large bin of craft materials that I can go to when there are children in need of entertainment or productive diversion.

Sometimes it is just my own inner child in need of entertainment.  Sometimes it is my own stuck self in need of productive diversion.

Looming writing deadlines and nothing on paper* yet?  Perfect time to open up that bin in the closet!  Hmm. scraps of felt...

bird with buttons


When I volunteered for my VT librarian friend, one of my tasks was to make a prototype of the crafts she had selected for the children's story times or projects for the summer reading program.  It is a habit I got into.

*by paper I mean the computer screen.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Bike Ride

I am not ready to hang my bicycle up for the season just yet.
I took a fairly long bike ride yesterday.

I will miss my bike.  Not everyone agrees with me, but I consider Jericho, VT, a pretty unsafe area for bike riding.  And then there are also the hills!  No, my bike will continue to live in Florida.

I rode in the countryside all the way out to the Mabry Carleton, Jr. Reserve.

 The area above is sometimes a pond where all kinds of birds can be observed.  Not today though.  Today it looked like a river of grass.  (From The Everglades: River of Grass, by Marjory Stoneman Douglas, 1947)

It was a hot and humid day, the kind Florida can be famous for.  But it was cloudy and I rode fast enough to keep a breeze stirred up on myself.  I did not need this sign to warn me off.

I was not tempted to jump off this bridge.

Although I did take advantage of the park pool later in the day.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Three more weeks to go before my flight back to Vermont.

Time to start being mindful of what is left in the refrigerator and freezer, not quite time for seriously strange meals of odds and ends.

Time to start packing up the clothes I brought for the trip down.  It was winter then.  It is not winter now, but they are things I will use once I am back to my Vermont home and probably before I come back to Florida.

Time to start slowly putting the outside furniture and decorative items into the storage shed.  I swept out the shed today.  I got out the electric drill and attached some hooks to the work bench in the shed so I could hang my bike up off the floor.

Time to arrange for someone to check on the house here and start up the car every so often so the battery stays charged.  I guess I should get some of that stuff to put in the gas tank so that the ethanol in the gas won't wreck things as it sits.  So I also have to add prepping the car for its summer stay in sunny Florida to my closing the Florida house list.

The park is getting quiet as the migration gathers steam through the month of April.  I am hoping I can beg a ride to the airport from someone--hoping someone will still be around!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Beach Time

Are words even needed?  I had lunch with a friend and took the beach route home again.